Cataract Surgery Treatment in India

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Cost Of Cataract Surgery In India
  1. The average cost for cataract surgery in India ranges from USD 800 to 2000.
  2. Cataract surgery in India has a very high success rate of 98%.
  3. Some of the most renowned hospitals in India are Spectra Eye, Centre for Sight and Artemis Hospital. Some of the most experienced doctors in India for cataract surgery.
  4. Doctors perform the surgery in one sitting; however, doctors recommend a stay of at least a week post-surgery to avoid complications.
About Cataract Surgery

People worldwide suffer from vision-related issues and cataract is one of the most common concerns. A cataract is a condition that occurs due to the clouding of the natural lens in the human eye, which causes blurred vision and visual disorientation. The correction procedure involves replacing the natural lens with an artificial one to improve vision. The entire operation takes about 30 minutes, and the improvement is significant and immediate. Given the high success rate, surgery is a safe and effective treatment for cataract.

Types of Cataract That Require Surgical Intervention
  1. Subcapsular Cataract - Commonly occurs in people with diabetes or those taking high doses of steroidal medication, subcapsular cataract forms at the backside of the lens
  2. Nuclear cataract - Linked with ageing individuals, nuclear cataracts form in the central nucleus of the lens.
  3. Cortical cataract - Forming around the lens cortex, a cortical cataract leads to opacities that spread towards the centre of the lens from the periphery.

Risks Associated with Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery, although a standard procedure, comes with its fair share of complications. Though considered highly safe and efficient, there are a few risks associated with the process and the aftercare. Eye inflammation due to surgery, a droopy eyelid, swelling of the retina and an increase in eye pressure are some of the direct complications linked to the procedure. Patients may also experience increased sensitivity to bright lights and have some trouble driving during the healing stage. Patients can avoid infection and complications during the recovery phase by following the instructions directed by the ophthalmologist and maintaining a strict care regime.

Before The Surgery
  1. Doctors will assess the patient thoroughly to arrive at the correct diagnosis.
  2. The surgeon will ask the patient to share medical history and details of pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, irregular blood pressure, etc.
  3. The doctor will discuss the kind of lens that they will use for replacement: Monofocal lens, Multifocal lens, Adjusting lens.
During The Surgery
  1. The surgeon will dilate the patient’s pupil before the procedure, which will also act as an anaesthetic for the surgery.
  2. A tiny incision will be made by the surgeon, which will lead to the cataract breaking away, and the surgeon will suck out the lens gradually.
  3. Through the incision, the doctor will insert the artificial lens, and the procedure will take roughly 30 minutes to complete. In some cases, the surgeon may use dissolvable sutures if required.
After The Surgery
  1. The patient will leave with eye pads on the operated eye. The doctors will advise avoiding any activities that may lead to infection or cause stress during the recovery phase.
  2. The patient will initially face difficulty during routine tasks. However, driving, reading, exposure to direct sunlight and dust, cosmetic products etc. should be avoided.
  3. The recovery period lasts around a week, during which sutures dissolve and fully heal.
  4. Doctors will recommend patients to follow up with regular and frequent check-ups periodically.
Factors that influences the price of Cataract Surgery in India
  1. Technology An eye care hospital which is providing latest technology, reputed eye specialists and state-of-the-art equipment may charge a bit more than other hospitals.
  2. Type of the procedure The cost of the surgery varies depending upon the type of procedure such as Micro-incision Cataract Surgery or Laser.
  3. Location of the clinic Location of the hospital is one of the most important factors affecting the cost of cataract surgery. Big and metropolitan cities have expensive hospitals set up as compared to smaller cities.
  4. Surgeon Fees of the surgeon influences the price of Cataract Surgery in India. Some reputed and specialist eye doctors demand higher fees.
  5. Intraocular lens Depending on the type of intraocular lens that you choose, the cost of surgery differs. Certain intraocular implant lenses are more expensive as compared to others.

“I have a genetic predisposition to developing cataracts in my eyes and went through my first surgery at a very young age. Living as an EXPAT, it becomes difficult to follow up on general eye care. When I was visiting India and could no longer focus on my work, I reached out to Hospals and was able to receive a good deal, great hospital and a speedy recovery from my cataract surgery.”

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“Living with cataracts in both eyes is miserable and painful. It has been difficult to go through years and years of pain and discomfort. Deciding to get my eyes operated on was one of the bravest yet most useful calls I’ve made in my life. Access to affordable medical care in my home country was not an option, and since I spent most my working life in India, I reached out to Hospals for help. 2 years later, I have regained a clear vision and my comfort.”

- Baba Afsaar, Libya

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