Laser Eye Surgery Treatment in India

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Laser Eye Surgery Cost In India
  1. The total laser eye surgery cost in India starts from USD 600 for a single eye.
  2. The success rate of laser eye surgery in India is 96%.
  3. Spectra Eye, Centre for Sight and Jaypee Hospital are the top hospitals for laser eye surgery in India. The best doctors for laser eye surgery are Dr Suraj Munjal, Dr Chirag Mittal and Dr Anita Sethi.
  4. Laser eye surgery requires a stay of 4 days in India.
About Laser eye surgery

Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, commonly referred to as laser eye surgery, is the procedure used to correct issues related to eye vision. These issues include nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. The principle behind any vision-correcting surgery is to reshape the cornea so that it can focus the light appropriately on the retina. This creates better images on the retina for proper vision.

Before the surgery
  1. Doctors will conduct a complete eye exam and look for any other issues with the eye and check the overall health in general.
  2. They will use the corneal topographer to create a detailed shape of the cornea for the best possible outcome of surgery.
  3. The doctor may also advise the patient to stop wearing contact lenses for a few days before the surgery.
During the surgery
  1. Doctors provide anesthesia in the form of drops before the surgery to minimize the pain.
  2. They then ask you to position the eyes under the laser equipment where a lid speculum keeps the eyes open for surgery.
  3. Doctors use a Microkeratome (surgical tool) to create a flap in the cornea. The flap is thin and circular.
  4. Doctors then fold this flap to reach the part of the cornea called the stroma.
  5. Then the doctors use an excimer laser to emit UV light beams and reshape the cornea by removing the damage for an improved vision.
  6. After that, they place the corneal flap back which stays in place without any stitches.

After the surgery

  1. The patient might experience mild itching or irritation in the eye after the surgery for a few hours or days.
  2. While many people can resume activities and go to work the next day, some doctors may advise at least 48 hours to recover and rest
  3. The outcome of the surgery may vary as per different conditions, but most people get a perfect vision after the surgery and do not have to use any lenses
  4. The doctors may advise photochromic lenses to protect from sunlight and some exercises for the initial period
Risks of laser eye surgery
  1. No optimum vision: Sometimes, the patients may not receive the absolute correct vision through laser eye surgery compared to the correction lenses.
  2. Under Corrections or over corrections: Removing too much tissue from the eye during the surgery is called over-correction. Under-correction is removing less tissues from the eye. Both of them may be challenging to deal with.
  3. Dry eyes: This is the most common side effect of laser eye surgery. Due to a decrease in tear production in the eye, dry eyes can cause itching and affect the quality of sight.
  4. Regression or vision loss: Even after the surgery, there is a risk that the eyesight will deteriorate and go back to as it was before surgery, or it may even lead to a loss of vision.
  5. Others: Infection, excess tears, excess flap removal, increased sensitivity to light, and uneven tissue removal (astigmatism) are some of the other risks of laser eye surgery.
Factors affecting the cost of treatment in different states in India

Laser Eye Surgery Cost In Chennai: Depending on various factors, the cost of laser eye surgery in Chennai ranges from USD 400 to USD 1500.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost In Delhi: The cost of laser eye surgery in Delhi differs from hospital to hospital and starts from USD 300.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost In Mumbai: On average, a patient pays USD 350 to USD 800 for laser eye surgery for both the eyes. At some premium hospitals, the cost may go up to USD 1600 or USD 1800.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost In Pune: Depending on the technology and the hospital, the cost of laser eye surgery in Pune ranges from USD 300 to USD 1800.


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