Blood Cancer Treatment in India

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Blood Cancer Treatment In India
  1. The total cost of blood cancer treatment in India starts from USD 6,000
  2. The success rate of blood cancer treatment in India is higher than 70 percent but varies for different types of blood cancer
  3. Dr. Rahul Bhargava, Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, and Dr. Ashok Vaid are top doctors with experience in the treatment of blood cancer. The most renowned hospitals for blood cancer treatment in India include Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Max Healthcare, Saket, and Medanta Hospital.
  4. A patient is required to stay in India for two weeks to three months as per the treatment.
About Blood Cancer

Blood cancer, as the name suggests, is when the regular production of blood cells in the body is interrupted. It affects the entire blood flow in the body and the bone marrow as well.Blood cells are produced in the bone marrow which is a soft part present inside the bone.

Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Most of the symptoms of all types of blood cancer are common. They include:

  1. Skin Issue: Itches, rashes or change in the natural color of the skin
  2. Fever, cold or chills
  3. Nausea, vomiting, frequent infections
  4. Headaches, loss of appetite
  5. Shortness of breath
  6. Weakness, fatigue, regular sweating
  7. Swelling or nodes in any part of the body
Types of Blood Cancer

Three major types of blood cancer are most commonly found in people:

  1. Leukemia: Leukemia is when there is excessive and rapid production of abnormal cells in the bone marrow, affecting its ability to produce platelets and Red Blood Cells (RBCs).
  2. Lymphoma: The lymphatic system of the human body produces immune cells and removes excess fluids from it. Lymphoma is the rapid production of abnormal white blood cells (lymphocytes) and its growth into other parts of the body.
  3. Myeloma: Myeloma weakens the immunity system of the body by impacting the plasma cells, which are responsible for immunity by producing antibodies.
Blood Cancer Treatment
  1. Bone Marrow Transplant: During this treatment, doctors replace the damaged bone marrow with new bone marrow stem cells. This treatment is useful to treat both benign and malignant conditions in adults and children.
  2. Chemotherapy: This treatment uses drugs and chemicals to kill the cancerous cells inside the body. Doctors inject these medicinal drugs into the body through an IV. In some cases, doctors may suggest taking them orally as pills.
  3. Biological therapy: Biological therapy targets the immune system of the body and is also known as immunotherapy. Drugs inserted during biological therapy strengthen the immune system of the body for it to attack and fight the cancer cells on its own.
  4. Stem Cell Therapy: In this type of treatment, doctors infuse stem cells in the bone marrow to replace the cancer cells in the blood. Adult stem cells can be extracted from a person’s body as well. This stem cell therapy starts with chemotherapy to kill cancerous cells and prepare the body for stem cell infusion. The stem cells can then grow into healthy blood cells inside the body.
  5. Surgery: In some cases, doctors perform surgery to treat the organs that have been infected by blood cancer. For example, if a spleen gets filled with cancer cells, doctors can entirely remove it by performing a splenectomy.
  1. Depending on the treatment, the recovery time of blood cancer may vary from 15 days to 6 months
  2. The patient may observe some long-term and short-term side effects of the treatment
  3. To keep a check on the relapse of blood cancer, doctors may advise a regular follow-up and blood test, especially for the next few years
Factors affecting blood cancer treatment cost in India

Blood Cancer Treatment In Chennai: Several hospitals like the Apollo Hospitals and The Cancer Institute in Chennai have made it possible for everyone to afford blood cancer treatment.

Blood Cancer Treatment In Delhi: There are many hospitals in Delhi which are pioneers in blood cancer treatment at affordable prices.

Blood Cancer Treatment In Kolkata: Various institutions offer customizable packages for medical tourists looking for blood cancer treatment in Kolkata.

Blood Cancer Treatment In Mumbai: There are various hospitals and charitable institutions that have accelerated the process of blood cancer treatment in India, reducing the waiting period.

Blood Cancer Treatment In Pune: Pune has many dedicated hospitals for cancer treatment and visiting doctors from Mumbai as well, in addition to its own set of skilled oncologists.


I suffered from acute leukemia in 2019, and now I am completely cured of it. I owe this second life to Hospals. It was only because of their affordably priced treatment packages in India that I could afford the treatment. They should keep up the excellent work and will definitely make a significant difference to many people’s lives.

- Alexa Windsor, UAE

I completed my treatment for blood cancer last month after suffering from it for almost four years. Team at Hospals made it possible for me to get back to my healthy life after so long, and I couldn’t be happier.

- Akira Ezina, Yemen

Cancer can significantly change many lives, including the patient and his family’s life. My dad was diagnosed with lymphoma last year, and we almost felt like we lost him. Thanks to the support we got from Hospals, we could finally manage to go to Delhi and get the best treatment with top facilities for my dad within our budget. Every support that one gets in the struggle with cancer matters a lot.

- Mary Kingsley, Nigeria

During my struggle with blood cancer, a friend recommended Hospals. I was very skeptical about going to India for my treatment, but the reputation of some of the hospitals in India and the efficient Hospals staff finally convinced me. Since then, the quality of services at Hospals and Max Hospitals has exceeded all my expectations.

- Zamir Mostafa, Iraq

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