Stem Cell Therapy Treatment in India

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Stem Cell Therapy In India
  1. The cost of stem cell therapy in India starts from USD 10,500
  2. The success rate of stem cell therapy for non-malignant issues is almost 80 percent
  3. The best hospitals for stem cell therapy in India are National Heart Institute- Delhi, Fortis Gurgaon, Dharamshila Narayana Hospital. The top doctors for the same are Dr Arun Mukherje, Dr Rahul Bhargava, and Dr Suparno Chakrabarti
  4. Stem cell therapy requires a stay of 2 months in India.
About Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat various issues that may be degenerative, neuromuscular, and life-threatening or injury-related issues in the human body. It is also popularly known as regenerative medicine as it involves treatment through the regeneration of stem cells itself or their derivatives.

Working of stem cells

Stems cells work by dividing themselves into smaller cells called daughter cells. All stem cells have this unlimited ability to divide themselves into smaller cells. These smaller cells have two options. They either develop into newer stem cells or develop themselves into different cells that perform specialized functions. Stem cells can transform into various types of cells, like blood cells or bone cells.

Sources of stem cells

Stem cells can come from various sources, which include:

  1. Embryo: When an embryo is only three to five days old, it contains stem cells that the doctors may extract. The stem cells obtained from an embryo have the potential to develop into any cells and tissues as they are pluripotent. Sometimes, fetal tissues that are older than eight weeks can also be the source of developing stem cell lines.
  2. Adult stem cells: Adult tissues like bone marrow or fat tissues can also be a source of adult stem cells. However, these cells have a limited potential to transform into new types of cells as compared to embryonic stem cells.
  3. Induced pluripotent stem cells: Some adult cells in humans can also be genetically induced or reprogrammed to act as stem cells. Scientists have been able to alter the genes of adult human cells to act like embryonic stem cells.
Stem cell therapy procedure
  1. To prepare and condition the body for stem cell therapy, the patient sometimes receives specific chemotherapy or medicines
  2. Doctors and researchers grow stem cells inside a laboratory and modify them to transform into desired type of cells
  3. Doctors then implant these modified stem cells in place of the degenerative, diseased or damaged cells of the same type
  4. These stem cells replace the damaged parts with healthy cells themselves. The process is more like a transfusion than being surgical.

The procedure of stem cell therapy is only a 4-5 hours long procedure. The recovery also does not take a long time. The recovery time may differ depending on the issue or ailment that the doctors are treating. For stem cells to start working and showing impact, it may take two to twelve weeks. The treatment may go on for six to twelve months. However, the patients may resume their everyday activities in 3-4 days without putting extra and unnecessary strain on the treated area.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost In India

As compared to other countries, stem cell therapy in India is available at better and comparatively lower prices. With no waiting period and almost half the cost of what it costs in western countries, stem cell therapy cost in India is highly affordable.

The following elements characterize stem cell therapy in different cities in India, which are also becoming the central hub for the treatment:

Stem Cell Therapy In Mumbai: No waiting period and world-class facilities

Stem Cell Therapy In Bangalore: Top-notch medical services with advancing research

Stem Cell Therapy In Pune: Fair pricing for stem cell therapy for various treatable diseases

Stem Cell Therapy In Chennai: Customized packages for people traveling to India for medical tourism


I contacted Hospals after being diagnosed with multiple skin diseases and had lived with them for almost 18 months. After a brief consultation, I was convinced that I wanted to go to India for the treatment because they have such economical prices for such an advanced procedure. I am extremely satisfied with the choice I made about going via Hospals.

- Hamza Saif Abdullah, Iraq

I am completely satisfied with my stem cell therapy treatment for kidney disorders. Initially, the doctors had advised me to go for a kidney transplant. When the staff at Hospals told me about this new upcoming treatment, I decided to go for it. I am very happy that I made this decision, and the credit goes to Hospals.

- Martin Ken, Kenya

My daughter had suffered a significant back injury last year when she was in a car accident. After three months of that accident, a friend told me about stem cell therapy for her treatment. After doing my own research, I was wholly convinced that I wanted this treatment for her, and Hospals offered us the best package that included minimalistic charges for every little detail.

- Iman Rasooli, Oman

After looking for multiple treatments for muscular dystrophy for my uncle, the doctors finally narrowed down to stem cell therapy. However, I was very unsure about it because we were not financially strong to support the treatment on our own. Then a friend told me about Hospals and their packages for stem cell therapy in India. Not only were their packages very affordable, but the quality of their services was also commendable.

- Kevin Rogers, Ethiopia

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