Root Canal Treatment Treatment in India

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Root Canal treatment cost in India
  1. The estimated root canal treatment cost in India is around USD 100, depending upon the type of treatment and other factors.
  2. There is a 95% success rate of root canal treatment in India, which makes India one of the most preferred countries for root canal treatment.
  3. Some of the experienced and veteran doctors for root canal treatment in India are Dr Jalaj Tak, Dr Praveen Kumar and Dr Shilpi Behl.. The best hospitals for root canal treatment are Delhi ENT Hospital, Jaypee Hospital and Avana House of Dentistry and Cosmetology.
  4. It is a few hours procedure in the hospital, and patients need to stay for almost two days in India.
About Root Canal

To correct infected and damaged roots of the teeth, doctors perform root canal treatment. When the soft tissues inside the root canal become infected due to decay, root canal treatment saves the teeth and tissues from further decay and damage. When left untreated, this can be harmful and cause unbearable pain or can lead to an abscess.

  1. Pain in a particular tooth
  2. Sensitivity to heat, cold, and sweet
  3. Tenderness of tooth while touching or chewing
  4. Swelling of the face
  5. Change in color of the affected tooth
  6. Swelling of the gums
  1. Root infection left untreated for a long time.
  2. Presence of extra accessory canals in the tooth which can be a house for bacteria. This can cause infection in the tooth.
  3. Recurring harmful bacteria in the mouth which is a result of delayed restoration after treatment.
  4. A new cavity in the tooth after the treatment.
  5. Cracked or damaged tooth.

The dentist begins the root canal diagnosis by asking about the symptoms and signs and a proper diagnosis of the ailing tooth through x-ray and other mouth tests. Dentists also ask a lot of other questions related to health and previous medical history of the patient. After a proper diagnosis, the dentist starts with the treatment keeping in mind all the details of the patient.

Procedure for Root Canal Treatment
  1. The procedure of the root canal takes around an hour under general anesthesia. It only takes one or two visits to the hospital. The patient needs not to stay in the hospital for a day.
  2. The dentist starts with making an opening in the crown portion of the tooth. This lets the dentist have an access to the tooth pulp. To clean the pulp, dentists use a very small instrument from the pulp chamber and root canals to shape the space for filling.
  3. After cleaning and shaping the place, the dentist fills the root canals with a biocompatible material (usually a rubber-like material) called gutta-percha. Dentists place gutta-percha with sticky cement to ensure complete sealing of the root canals.
  4. The purpose of the temporary filling is to close the opening. Dentists remove the filling before restoring the tooth.
  5. After the permanent filling, in the next appointment, the dentist will place a crown on the tooth to protect the tooth & restore its full function—no hospitalization during root canal procedure is required
Factors affecting root canal treatment cost in India

Root canal treatment cost in Chennai: Chennai is turning more towards advanced ways of treatment to match the highest standards of the medical world. Chennai is famous for providing high-quality treatment at the most affordable fees. Popularly known as “Health Capital of India,” Chennai is a hub of some of the very reputed hospitals providing first-class medical services for many years.

Root canal treatment cost in Hyderabad: Health facilities in Hyderabad is also considered one of the best in India. Hyderabad has an infrastructure with the latest technologies that follow an accessible, comfortable, and patient-centric approach. The aim is to provide undivided attention to every patient. You will experience the best patient service in Hyderabad.

Root canal treatment cost in Delhi: Many people have successfully got the root canal treatment done in Delhi and are very satisfied with the results. Delhi is also famous for some of the best dental clinics and hospitals in India. Also, the cost of Root Canal treatment is very economical.

Root canal treatment cost in Mumbai: No city or state can surpass the medical facilities that Mumbai provides. Mumbai aims at giving every treatment with a success rate. Doctors, healthcare staff, nurses, and other medical workers add to the success of treatment facilities.


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