Dental Implant Treatment in India

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Dental Implant cost in India
  • The estimated dental implant cost in India is around USD 600, depending upon the type of treatment.
  • There is a 100% success rate of Dental Implants in India, which makes India one of the most preferred countries for it..
  • Some of the experienced doctors for Dental Implants in India are Dr Jalaj Tak, Dr Praveen Kumar and Dr Shilpi Behl.. The best hospitals are Delhi ENT Hospital, Jaypee Hospital and Avana House of Dentistry and Cosmetology.
  • It is a one-day procedure in the hospital, and patients need to stay for almost two to three days in India.
About Dental Implants

A dental implant is the replacement of the damaged tooth with the artificial tooth, made of titanium. A dental implant is a surgical procedure that combines with jaw bone or skull bone to brace artificial teeth. Osseointegration is the basis of dental implants, which uses titanium material an intimate bond to the bone to fix the dental issue. There are many advantages of dental implants like change in appearance, improvement in speech, boost in confidence, and increased self-esteem.

Who needs Dental Implants

Dental implants are for the ones who have lost their tooth in some kind of injury, accident, or have a missing tooth or multiple teeth missing since birth. Dental implants are also for those with uneven teeth or broken teeth. Dental implants are an option for all those as well who want a good smile.


The dentist begins the diagnosis of the dental problem by asking about the symptoms and signs and form a proper diagnosis of the ailing tooth through x-ray and other mouth tests. Dentists also ask a lot of other questions related to health and previous medical history of the patient. After a proper diagnosis, the dentist starts with the procedure keeping in mind all the details of the patient.

Dental Implant procedure

Step 1: Dental implants take about three to four hours under general anesthesia. Doctors give anesthesia to the patient so that the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure.

Step 2: Then, the doctor removes the damaged teeth to replace it with the new one.

Step 3: After that, the doctor prepares the jaw bone for the surgery called Bone grafting.

Step 4: Now, the doctor implants metal posts only after the jaw bone has healed after bone grafting.

Step 5: The doctor places an abutment, which is an extension of the implant metal post only after the healing.

Step 6: After the soft tissue heals, the dentist will make moulds of the patient’s teeth and jawbone. Later on, they will be placed on the final tooth or teeth. The mouth area remains numb for a long time after the surgery, which becomes normal gradually.

Factors affecting Dental Implant cost in India

Dental implant cost in Chennai: Many reputed hospitals for dental implants in Chennai makes Chennai one of the most preferred cities in India. Balaji Dental & Craniofacial Hospital and Apollo White Dental Clinic & Hospital are among the best dental hospitals in Chennai. If you are planning to visit India as a medical tourist for a dental implant, you must consider Chennai as the option.

The dental implant cost in Delhi: From small treatments to treatments of fatal diseases like cancers, Delhi holds the reputation of the most successful treatments in India. Other than reputed hospitals and excellent surgeons, Delhi has made phenomenal progress in inculcating modern techniques and up-to-date facilities in the Hospitals. Delhi is very famous for its reputed and well-equipped hospitals, which provide world-class facilities to patients from all over the world.

Dental implant cost in Mumbai: Dental Implant surgery cost depends upon various factors like choice of hospital and team of doctors. Foreign patients seeking excellent healthcare facilities in India make Mumbai their preference, and Mumbai never fails to in providing the best of what it can. Best doctors, well-trained healthcare staff, efficient nurses, and other very helpful medical workers add to the success of Mumbai treatment facilities.


My brother met with an accident in India, which was not severe but damaged one of his tooth completely. We were suggested a dental implant, and we contacted Hospals immediately. Within two days, Hospals arranged everything for us very efficiently. The implant was successful, and the services of Hospals are worth mentioning. The package included everything and the fees chargedwas, very nominal. Very Genuine!

- Angonda Musaba, Nigeria.

Disfigured teeth were always a problem for me. Every day I had to struggle with the way I used to look. I was very depressed, and it was taking a toll on my confidence. I decided to get the dental implant done from India. I was looking for some professional help to guide me throughout, and no platform other than hospals would have been the best. It even helped me financially.

- Seku Johnson, Liberia

I got a new smile and a boost of confidence in India. I was really scared of dental implants but had to do this anyway. Hospals not only provided me professional help but also emotional and moral support. I would like to suggest Hospals to every medical tourist in India. Great packages and amazing services.

- Olivia Li, Canada

When I first met Hospals and its team In India, I could build immediate trust. Very Honest and warm. They were very patiently dealing with all their clients, including me. The best thing was that they first had a thorough conversation with me about all my needs and requirements, and then only proceeded with all the arrangements. My dental implants were successful, and all thanks to Hospals.

- Shahbaz Ali, Dubai

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