Lazy Eye Treatment in India

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Lazy Eye Treatment For Adults
  1. The cost of lazy eye treatment for adults in India starts from USD 900
  2. The success rate of lazy eye treatment for adults is almost 85%
  3. Spectra Eye, Centre for Sight and Jaypee Hospital are the top hospitals for lazy eye treatment in India. The best doctors for the same include Dr Suraj Munjal, Dr Chirag Mittal and Dr Anita Sethi.
  4. The treatment requires the patient to stay in India for one week.
About Lazy Eye Treatment

Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, is a vision-related disorder caused due to abnormal development of the vision in the early stages of life, i.e during infancy and childhood. Although it usually affects one eye, it may affect the vision in both eyes as well. Treatment of a lazy eye is highly essential in the early stages itself. Timely treatment can reduce the chances of long-term complications. However, lazy eye treatment is also possible among adults. The standard treatment options for lazy eye include eye patches, eye drops, corrective lenses or glasses and in some rare cases, surgery.

Symptoms Of Lazy Eye
  1. An inward or outward wandering eye
  2. Misaligned vision or strain in the eye
  3. Poor and inaccurate perception of depth
  4. Head tilting or eye squinting to focus clearly
  5. The continuous turning of the eye
  6. Eye fatigue or frequent headaches in adults
  7. Irritation in the eye
Causes Of Lazy Eye

Following are the three most common causes of a lazy eye in adults:

  1. Muscle imbalance: If there is an imbalance in the muscles around the eye, it prevents them from working together in synchronization and alignment. Muscle imbalance is the most common cause of lazy eye and leads to strabismus amblyopia.
  2. Imbalance in vision sharpness: Refractive issues like nearsightedness and farsightedness cause the eye surface to be uneven. If there are significant differences in the prescription for both eyes of a person, it may lead to one eye being much sharper than the other. This leads to refractive amblyopia.
  3. Deprivation for one eye: Cataract in one eye can cloud the vision. It causes the most severe type of lazy eye, also known as deprivation amblyopia.
Complications And Risks Of Lazy Eye Treatment

If a lazy eye does not receive proper treatment well in time, it may result in total loss of vision as an adult. However, the treatment itself carries risks like any other procedure. These complications include a complete loss of vision, increased eye irritation and insensitivity to light.

Correcting Lazy Eye In Adults

Even in adults, the treatment of a lazy eye is possible through a combination of various treatments. The treatments that can act as a cure for lazy eye in adults include:

Eye Patch For Lazy Eye Adults: As a treatment for correcting lazy eye in adults, doctors prescribe wearing an eye patch in the healthy eye. As the vision of the healthy eye is blocked, the weaker eye gets stimulated and forced to work. Doctors may advise wearing patches

Eye Drops For Lazy Eye In Adults: The concept of eye drops for lazy eye in adults is the same as an eye patch. Atropine is a substance used in eye drops that blurs the vision of the eye with the better vision. This results in simulation in the weaker eye to gain better focus. Doctors generally advise using this treatment at weekends or on weekdays only for a few hours.

Corrective Lenses Or Glasses: If the problem of lazy eye is not too severe, its symptoms like nearsightedness, farsightedness or other vision distortion issues are treatable through a corrective lens of appropriate prescription.

Vision Therapy: This particular kind of therapy includes exercises and activities that help in the development of a person’s vision. Activities under vision therapy include drawing, playing games, and visual puzzles, etc.


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