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Dr. Deepak Sarin

Director Head And Neck Oncology , Cancer Institute Gurugram


Medanta - The Medicity

26 years

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Dr. Deepak Sarin

Director Head And Neck Oncology , Cancer Institute Gurugram


Medanta - The Medicity

26 years
Treatment Price on request

Mouth Cancer Treatment in India
  1. The total cost of mouth cancer treatment in India starts from around 3000 USD depending upon various factors and different states.
  2. Some of the best hospitals in India for mouth cancer treatment are Medanta Hospital , BLK Hospital , Max Hospital and Fortis Hospital, Mulund. Dr Deepak Sarin, Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas, Dr. Harit Chaturvedi and Dr. Prashant Pawar are some of the veteran oncologists in India.
  3. The success rate of mouth cancer treatment in India is around 70% to 80%.
  4. Patients have to spend approximately 5 days in the hospital and 14 days outside the hospital.
About Mouth Cancer Treatment

Oral cancer or mouth cancer can appear anywhere in the mouth including the inside of the cheeks and the gums. Uncontrollable cell division creates growth in the mouth, which leads to mouth cancer. It is one of the most common types of cancer in India. Oral cancer includes cancer of lips, tongue, cheeks, mouth floor, hard and soft palates, sinuses, and throat. It is also known as oral cavity cancer. The disease is more likely to affect both males than females.

Types of Mouth Cancer

The list of mouth cancer or oral cancer is, unfortunately, a big one. Mouth cancer is considered one of the most terrifying cancers among others.

  1. Tongue cancer- It's a rare form of cancer. The majority of cases of tongue cancer are due to squamous cell carcinoma.
  2. Lip cancer- Lip cancer occurs mostly on the lower lip. Early symptoms include a sore or lesion that does not heal.
  3. Gum cancer- Gum cancer grows relatively slow.
  4. Salivary gland cancer- Salivary gland cancers are generally rare and occur mostly in one of the three larger salivary glands .
  5. Tonsil cancer- Tonsil cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the cells of tonsils.
  6. Palate cancer- Palate is the roof of the mouth. Soft palate cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the cells of the soft palate.
Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Generally, the symptoms of mouth cancer are not clear in the early stages. The dentist may be able to spot the signs. Smokers and drinkers are at a very high risk of such types of cancers. Tobacco and alcohol are the high-risk factors of mouth cancer. Some of the symptoms, if occur, should be taken seriously.

  1. Mouth ulcers and sores
  2. Lumps in mouth
  3. Rough spots
  4. Swelling in the jaw
  5. Unexplained bleeding
  6. Loose teeth with no reason
  7. A hoarse voice
  8. Difficulty moving the tongue or jaw
  9. Difficulty in chewing or swallowing
  10. Poorly fitted dentures
  11. Recurring pain in the neck or ear

If the symptoms are indicating mouth cancer, the doctor carries out a physical examination. He or she will check the mouth, lips and other parts for abnormalities. Questions about family history and medical history play a very important role in the diagnosis of any kind of disease. If the doctor suspects cancer, he will proceed to biopsy. He takes a small sample of tissue to check for cancerous cells. It is performed with a brush where the doctor painlessly collects the cells.

When a biopsy confirms cancer, further tests are performed to check the stage.

Endoscopy: A small sample of tissue is taken to test for cancerous cells.

Imaging tests: An X-ray of the lungs, for example, will show if cancer has reached that area.

Treatment of Mouth Cancer

Any type of cancer treatment depends upon the location and stage of cancer. The overall health and personal preference also decides the type of treatment a patient will undergo. Sometimes there is a need for different combinations of treatments depending upon the severity.

  1. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy attacks the cancer cells and stops the cancer cells from dividing further. Some powerful medicines are used to attack the DNA of the cancer cells. Drawback includes damaging healthy tissues as well. Chemotherapy has a very negative effect on the overall health of the person. Hair loss, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue are some of the after-effects of chemotherapy, which usually go away after the treatment.
  2. Surgery: To remove the tumour, surgery is performed. It also involves removing the other parts like part of tongue, jawbone, lymph nodes, etc, depending upon the requirement.
  3. Radiation Therapy: This treatment uses beams of high energy X-rays, or radiation particles to damage the DNA inside the tumour cells, destroying their ability to reproduce.
  4. Hyperthermia Therapy: It is an emerging technology, where the doctor will heat the area above normal temperature to kill the cancer cells.
Mouth Cancer Surgery cost in India

Low cost treatment, high success rate, latest infrastructure and treatment techniques, and highly qualified and experienced doctors are some of the reasons which are making foreigners come to India for mouth cancer surgeries. Medicine, duration, choice of hospital, fees of the doctor team, after care facilities and stage of cancer are some of the factors which decide the cost of oral cancer surgery in India.


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