By HealthTrip Team Blog Published on - 16 July - 2022

How Many Years Does ACDF Last?


Anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery is performed on your neck to remove damaged disks or bone spurs. And if you’re curious about how many years the outcome of such surgeries lasts, then you’re on the right page. Here we’ve discussed in brief its success rate and other facts that you need to know after undergoing such medical treatment.

What should you expect after surgery?

Following surgery, you will wake up in the postoperative care unit and be transferred to a room where your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing will be monitored. Staff will assist you in sitting up, moving, and walking around until you are comfortable.

Once you can move normally, your doctor will evaluate your condition and discharge you from the hospital with pain and bowel management prescriptions, as pain medications can cause constipation.

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Some patients are surprised that the most bothersome pain immediately following ACDF surgery may be in the upper back and shoulders (due to the fusion altering the biomechanics of the attached muscles) or in the hip (if a bone graft was taken from there).

Furthermore, arm pain and tingling may not disappear immediately and, in some cases, may feel worse before feeling better.

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During the first few days after surgery, most patients experience hoarseness and coughing. In some cases, a patient may be unable to speak or speak above a whisper for several days or weeks following surgery.

Immediately following surgery, the patient will need to be on a liquid diet for a day or two before gradually introducing soft foods.

How many years does the ACDF surgery outcome last?

ACDF improves outcomes for all primary diagnoses and has been shown to last for more than ten years. Secondary surgeries were performed to repair the pseudarthrosis and to treat symptomatic adjacent-level degeneration.

The success rate after ACDF surgery:

This surgery is very successful. People who had ACDF surgery for arm pain reported pain relief in 93 to 100 percent of cases, and people who had ACDF surgery for neck pain reported positive results in 73 to 83 percent of cases.

How can we help with the treatment?

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