By HealthTrip Team Blog Published on - 20 January - 2021

7 Best Cornea Transplant Centres In India


Corneal transplant is a requisite for many disease conditions like thinning or swelling of the cornea, Fuchs dystrophy, keratoconus, and often clouding of the cornea. The corneal transplant, also known as keratoplasty, is done to remove a particular portion of the damaged tissue with healthy corneal tissue from a donor. Usually one of the organs donated by those who plan an organ donation after their death is the cornea. A fresh corneal transplant from a deceased donor is transplanted into the patient after preparing the cornea for transplant.
Nearly 270,000 donor corneas are required for carrying out 100,000 transplants, and there is virtually a 4-fold need for donor corneas every year in India alone. Generally, 50,000 INR to 100,000 INR is charged for undergoing a single eye corneal transplant.

The most common reason for a corneal transplant in younger patients is keratoconus. It impacts 1 in 3000 or 1 in 10,000 patients approximately in the population. Cornea transplant in older patients is mainly due to bullous keratopathy. Rejection of graft is indicated by blindness, redness, pain, or sensitivity to light. Ideally, two types of corneal transplants are performed in patients that include endothelial keratoplasty or anterior lamellar keratoplasty.

After the surgery, you might have to wear an eye patch for some time. You will receive several medications, and eye drops to keep the transplanted cornea from being rejected by the body. Many hospitals offer corneal transplantation; however, some of them are better than others when it comes to their success rate, and also the process of follow-up and pre and post-op care. We would recommend some hospitals below which can help attain more success with corneal transplantation than others.

Most successful corneal transplant hospitals

Please find the list of corneal transplant hospitals in India where one can achieve maximum success with corneal transplantation.

1. Medeor Hospital, New Delhi

Cornea transplant in this hospital is performed on healthy deceased patients who have not died due to nerve injury or accidents and have no prior history of eye problems.

The complicated process takes almost 1 to 2 hours, and the patient is put under general anesthesia. The hospital has appropriate surgery procedures and is both NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) accredited hospital.

2. Eye Q Hospital, Gurgaon

Standard procedures are maintained during surgery, and also appropriate measures are taken to prevent infection in patients post-surgery. The hospital has proper ophthalmological testing facilities for corneal transplant patients.

It is an ISO-9001-2000 registered hospital and provides corneal transplant procedures at affordable prices. The hospital has been awarded for customer satisfaction and reliability as the “most trusted brand of 2016-2017,” by WCRC (World Consulting & Research Corporation) leaders in Asia.

3. KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad

A laser-assisted cornea transplant is one of the specialties of this hospital. Corneal surgeries are very successful at the hospital, and the staff here works on four pillars or parameters- proper education and training, good experience, use of advanced technologies to decide the conditions patients suffer from, and a complete dedication towards the welfare of the patients.I

4. Sankar Netralaya, Chennai

Sankar Nethralaya has a name in the field of ophthalmology and offers one of the best care and provisions for cornea transplants in the country, usually at extremely affordable prices.

Each year almost 650-700 corneal transplants are performed by the hospital. Proper research facilities are present in the hospital to determine the cause and correction of corneal transplantations, and then the hospital is also one of the best places where maximum corneal transplants are a success story.

5. Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Bengaluru

This is one of the best hospitals providing high-quality eye care to different sections of society. A state-of-the-art hospital, the center is one of the most esteemed in the country when it comes to the corneal transplantation process.

Keratoconus is the most common reason for undergoing a corneal transplant, according to the observations made by the hospital. Almost 20-25% of patients suffering from Keratoconus need a corneal transplant at some point or the other, as recorded by the hospital.

After it is determined that surgery is required for the patient, routine laboratory tests are performed.

A NABH accredited institute, Narayana Nethralaya is ranked as the best eye hospital in Bangalore, Karnataka, and includes the State’s only ocular stem cell, molecular genetic and ocular gene therapy labs.

6. Bharti Eye Hospital, New Delhi

It is a center dedicated to eye care in Delhi, the capital of the country. The hospital is well equipped to take care of your corneal transplant and is NABH accredited and has HOTA (Eye Hospital that has a human organ transplant act) permission from the government.

This hospital is one of the best places to be in, whenever a cornea transplant becomes a necessity for you or your loved ones.

7. Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad

The hospital has state-of-the-art facilities when it comes to eye care. They are correctly aligned to the laws and rules required for proper eye care.

The hospital has an excellent center for testing and diagnostic facilities. The hospital has appropriate devices and technology to look after several eyes at the same time. Advanced technologies, including the advanced PHACO machine, refractometer, and keratometer are used to treat patients suffering from different eye conditions.

Grafting of the cornea comes out quite well for the patients who undergo the corneal transplant here in this hospital.

A corneal transplant is a way to restore vision in those patients whose corneas have worn off due to some ophthalmological complaints.

In this article, we provided you with a list of some of the best hospitals in India where one can undergo a corneal transplant. Refer to this list anytime and also find out more about the hospitals from the contact information provided in the article.