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Top 5 Breast Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India

The most common physical sign of breast cancer is often a lump painless in most instances and painful in some. Regular breast screening is the best way to get rid of early-stage breast cancer an entirely treatable disease if diagnosed early, can be cured completely.

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The average estimated number of deaths from breast cancer is almost more than 42000 in women and more than 500 in men last year. However, the average 10-year survival rate is 84% for invasive breast cancer patients when diagnosed at the right time. If the breast cancer has spread to other distant parts of the body, the average 5-year survival rate drops to 27% from 99% when the tumour is located only in the breast.

Cost of breast cancer treatment depends on the,

  • The hospital you choose to visit
  • The required length of stay in the hospital during the visit
  • The experience oncologists have in handling cancer patients
  • The required use of advanced technology for treatment and tests on a case by case basis.
  • The determination of the cost of breast cancer treatment also depends on the stage of the disease.

Hence, a good hospital can always be the first place to begin breast cancer treatment. Let us explore some of the best breast cancer hospitals in India through this article. If one of your loved ones is suffering from the disease, please go through this article to determine which hospital can help your needs the best.

The best breast cancer research centres of India

The list below jots down the five best breast cancer research centers of the country.

1. Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, Maharashtra

It is one of the best cancer hospitals where breast cancer treatment is done for free for more than 60% of the patients. Primary care is facilitated to more than 50% of the patients who visit this hospital every year.

Tata group | Community | Health | Tata Memorial Centre

There are almost 30,000 new patients who visit the hospital each year. The hospital houses some of the best doctors in the country. It is one of the most reliable hospitals for breast cancer treatment in India which facilitates the most modern chemotherapy and radiation therapy processes.

The centre facilitates all sort of necessary treatment for patient survival. Mastectomy partial and total, lumpectomy and other relevant processes are performed very quickly by this hospital.

Address: Dr Ernest Borges Rd, Parel East, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012

Phone: 022 2417 7000

2. Christian Medical College and Hospital Vellore, Tamil Nadu

CMCH is a private hospital, and treatment is to be financed by the patient or the patient’s family. However, the oncology treatment facilities are immensely useful, and the before and after-care opportunities are incredibly well organized. Even the cost of every treatment provided in the hospital aims at reducing the financial burden on the patients.

CMC Vellore

The hospital has efficient machinery for radio-diagnostic and radiotherapy machinery to manage the vast patient inflow comfortably. Vacuum-assisted advanced mammography and other modern amenities are available with the hospital.

There is an oncology board where medical experts meet as a single panel deciding on how they could proceed with the surgery ahead.

Breast cancer treatment here in this hospital can cost you somewhere around Rs.3- 4 lakhs.

It is capable of providing state of the art care facilities to its patients. Dr Ida Scudder founded the hospital, and since 1900 has been catering to the needs of the patients.

Address: IDA Scudder Rd, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004

Phone: 0416 228 1000

3. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi

AIIMS too helps in getting oncology treatment conveniently at your doorstep. It has made the stereotactic breast biopsy possible. Their vacuum-assisted advanced mammography unit was the first of its kind in India.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

The hospital helps in providing cost minimized cancer treatment or even free treatment to the lower economic group of the society. The essential cost of undergoing breast cancer surgery in the hospital is around 3 lakh INR if you do not apply for any compensation.

Address: Ansari Nagar, New Delhi – 110029

Phone Number: +91-11-26588500 / 265887004

4. Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Apollo Cancer Hospital Chennai is also catering to the needs of thousands of patients in the country. The latest medical technology and the availability of top experts ensure high-quality breast cancer treatment in the hospital.

Apollo Speciality Hospital in Nandanam,Chennai - Best Hospitals in Chennai  - Justdial

The hospital is well equipped to give a 360 degree of care for cancer patients.

They too have a tumor board of expert medical surgeons, radiologists, oncologists who devise a plan before initiating treatment.

There are several facilities provided by the centre, including translator, accommodation arrangements, and many more for a hassle-free experience.

Address: 320, Anna Salai, Nandanam, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600035

Phone: 044 2433 6119

5. Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmadabad, Gujarat

Gujarat Cancer Research Institute is a functional body that was established in 1960 and is one of the largest cancer care centres of the country. It has all the modern amenities, proper medical and diagnosing facilities.

GCRI is also equipped with the latest technologies.

The GCRI arranges speciality clinics and tumor boards, research & development, community oncology centres and various government schemes for breast cancer patients.

Address: Civil Hospital Campus, Asarwa, Ahmedabad-380 016, Gujarat, INDIA.

Phone: +91-79- 2268 8000

Last thoughts

Join hands and let’s fight breast cancer together. Make sure you ask your loved ones to undergo routine checkups every year. Early detection of nodules of soft moving masses in the breast as early as in Stage 0 can be removed quite easily, saving the life of your loved ones. Even the cost of breast cancer treatment in the initial stages can be significantly less.

So hurry, if you have noted or heard someone complain of any painless or painful mass in the breast, make sure you ask them to go for a checkup in one of these best breast cancer hospitals or any other regular facilitation centres.


India has several top-notch hospitals known for breast cancer treatment. Here are five of the best ones.
Among the best hospitals for breast cancer treatment in India, some names stand out for their expertise and facilities.
Certainly, here are five highly regarded hospitals in India for breast cancer treatment.
These hospitals are known for their experienced oncologists, advanced technology, comprehensive care, and successful outcomes in breast cancer treatment.
Yes, these top breast cancer treatment hospitals are located in various cities across India.
Yes, these hospitals provide a variety of treatment options, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and more.
When choosing a hospital, consider factors like the expertise of oncologists, technology, patient reviews, and the hospital's track record in breast cancer treatment.
Yes, these hospitals are known for their state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge medical technology.
Certainly, here are the names of five best breast cancer treatment hospitals in India.
You can visit the official websites of these hospitals, read patient reviews, and consult with medical professionals to gather more information about their breast cancer treatment offerings.
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