Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) Surgery Treatment in India

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ICL [Implantable Contact Lens] Surgery Cost in India
  1. The average cost of an ICL implant surgery in India ranges from USD 3000-3500 for both the eyes.
  2. The procedure not only has a high success rate in India (98%). It’s vision correction range lies within +10D and -20D.
  3. The best hospital performing this procedure is Spectra Eye Hospital. The most recommended surgeon is Dr Suraj Munjal.
  4. The surgery takes one sitting with a stay of 7 days in India recommended for recovery.
About ICL Surgery

Individuals living with vision difficulties often undergo many refractive procedures to correct their eyesight, such as LASIK and corrective glasses. Implantable contact lens surgery is another such procedure that allows the person to achieve the complete and correct vision through implantation of an artificial lens inside the eye, rather than using disposable contact lenses. People of all ages can undergo this procedure, and the correction range is extensive, covering different conditions like myopia, astigmatism, and hypermetropia. The surgery has very few risks associated with it, such as minor discomfort and infection due to improper care.

Vision Concerns that Lead to Surgery
  1. Near-sightedness or myopia: Shortsightedness usually occurs when the eyes grow slightly too long. This means that light doesn't focus on the light-sensitive tissue (retina) at the back of the eye properly. Instead, the light rays focus just in front of the retina, resulting in distant objects appearing blurred. This is the correct thing . Kindly paraphrase the above paragraph without missing any important words.
  2. Far-sightedness or hypermetropia: Long sightedness is when the eye does not focus light on the retina (the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye) properly. This may be because: he eyeball is too short, the cornea (transparent layer at the front of the eye) is too flat, the lens inside the eye is unable to focus properly.
  3. Astigmatism/blurred vision: Astigmatism results from anything pressing persistently on the surface of the cornea (such as a large lump on the eyelid) which pushes it out of shape.
Risks Associated with ICL Surgery

ICL surgery is a safe and secure procedure which only consists of adding an artificial lens to support the eye’s natural lens to correct vision. However, as with any other surgical procedure, the risk of infection and improper healing always prevail. It is also possible that the surgery might lead to over or under-correction of the power and improper placement might result in an infection or discomfort. Under limited circumstances, retinal detachment may occur, which is indeed related to the high myopic power, and some patients have to live with this condition. It is also noticeable that the ICL can be easily removed or inserted by an ophthalmologist in case complications occur.

Before the Surgery
  1. Proper vision and power assessments are done by the ophthalmologist to assess the correct power and underlying cause.
  2. The patient is required to share their medical history well in advance, and it is recommended that they come prepared with the exact details of prior surgeries or medical issues.
  3. The doctors perform laser iridotomies (using the laser to create a tiny opening to reduce pressure within the eye) before surgery and brief the patient about the procedure and aftercare.
  4. The patient should not use any liquids, cosmetic lotions, makeup, perfumes, etc. for some time to avoid transmission of bacteria that increase the risk of infection, post the implantation.
During the Surgery
  1. The procedure is swift and only lasts about 5-10 minutes.
  2. After cleaning the eye with a sterile drape, the doctor administers dilating and anesthetic eye drops to numb the area around the eyeball locally.
  3. An eyelid speculum between both the eyelids restricts their movement and ensures precision.
  4. The surgeon then makes a tiny incision that doesn’t require sutures to insert the artificial lens between the iris and the natural lens of the eye.
  5. Post insertion of artificial lens in one eye, the same procedure is followed for the other eye.
After the Surgery
  1. There might be minor discomfort that the patient may experience post-surgery, and engaging in activities like driving is not recommended.
  2. The ophthalmologist patches the eye up and advises that the patient revisits in a day for the first follow up, to assess the placement of artificial lens and the healing.
  3. Prescribed eye drops and oral medication can reduce discomfort during healing and avoid risks of infection.
  4. Periodic visits to the doctor are essential as they make it easier for the surgeon to assess healing, potential damage (if any) and durability of the lens.
Factors affecting ICL Surgery in Delhi.

ICL Surgery Cost In Delhi - Delhi is the hub for some of the best practicing ophthalmologists and hospitals. One of the best eye hospitals among all is Spectra Eye. Spectra Eye is equipped with world class technologies having experienced surgeons. The other factor that determines the cost is the location of the hospital which is in a very busy area in Delhi surrounded by many options for eateries and accommodation.


“ I wasn’t aware that the lens was customized to suit each person’s need, and I was convinced that I wasn’t a suitable candidate due to my exceedingly high power of -10. However, during my visit, I read up and got in touch with Hospals for an appointment at Spectra Eye Hospital, which later turned into a life-altering experience. I can now swim, drive, sleep and continue with activities that I could not do with disposable contact lenses or glasses. It is something that changes the life of someone living with a condition like this.”

- Sairat Osman, Kenya

“We have good facilitates from where I come from, but the research and development in India at hospitals like Spectra Eye are famous worldwide. With such affordable rates and an accommodating infrastructure, Hospals helped me get a package that varied with the needs of each eye. People often forget that it is challenging to have different power in both eyes, and correction is highly difficult with contact lenses. I was able to receive treatment for both my eyes, it was painless and quick, and the healing was smooth.”

- Mikeal Rasikey, Turkmenistan

“I loved my contact lenses, but when you do the math, you realize how it is far more expensive to invest in disposable contact lenses. I couldn’t do a lot of things my friends could cause they were able to see clearly, and I was handicapped without my glasses or lenses. But with ICL surgery, my eyes are perfect and I haven’t faced any complications besides a little redness post-operation. One year later, I thank Hospals for helping me through this.”

- Kiara Mobsama , Russia

“I got the surgery done three years ago when I visited India, and I was baffled by the affordability of the procedure and the efficiency of the professionals here. My eyes are healthy and I thank Hospals for helping me get in touch with a great team of doctors that supported me through recovery too.”

- Asmi Hilal, Libya

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