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Cranioplasty is a neurosurgical operation and the purpose of the surgery is to repair, reshape or improve the shape and symmetry of the head. Any imperfections or irregularities in the skull can be repaired through Cranioplasty. It is a complex procedure and needs to be performed by a high caliber professional, experienced and skilled surgeon. Synthetic material or a bone graft from somewhere else in the body can be used to fill in the defects in the skull bones.

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If you are considering to come to India to get your Cranioplasty surgery done, you are on the right track as India is one of the most trusted and preferred destinations for Cranioplasty treatment. Patients from other countries visit India for this procedure because of the highly affordable yet world class Cranioplasty surgery facilities available in India. The cost of this procedure in the best internationally accredited hospitals in India is just a fraction of the costs if one were to undergo the same operation in the US. Also the outcomes are equally superior if one does the treatment in India. All major states in India have best in class hospitals to conduct Cranioplasty surgery so there is ample choice available for the patient. So one can say that India is an ideal destination for Cranioplasty because of the advanced medical centres, experienced surgeons and top-drawer facilities. Doctors and Surgeons in India are highly experienced and skilled and have been trained in some of the world's top medical institutions and hospitals. Apart from their high caliber these doctors are very professional and can handle easy to complex medical cases. The best hospitals in India have the latest facilities, arrangements and equipment to successfully conduct Cranioplasty treatment and other types of brain surgery. These hospitals are typically multi-specialty hospitals and are considered to have world class facilities.