Heart Transplant Treatment in India

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Heart Transplant Cost In India
  1. The heart transplant cost in India starts from USD 50,000
  2. The success rate of a heart transplant in India is higher than 80%
  3. Max Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Fortis Hospital are among the top hospitals for heart transplant surgery in India, and the best doctors include Dr. Bagirath Raghuraman, Dr. Ravi Shankar Shetty K, and Dr ZS Meharwal , Dr Naresh Trehan etc.
  4. A heart transplant requires a stay of one month in India.
About Heart Transplant

Doctors perform heart transplants for patients with congenital heart diseases when the condition of their heart does not improve through medications and other procedures or treatments. A heart transplant is a surgical procedure for the replacement of a diseased failing heart with a new, healthier donated heart. A heart transplant is considered to be a major operation and requires proper follow-up and care.

Before the transplant

Heart evaluation: Before the transplant, the doctors will evaluate the current heart of the patient to understand whether the patient is eligible for the transplant or not. If a transplant is not necessary, doctors may suggest alternative treatments. If the person is qualified and ready to make lifestyle changes after the transplant, the patient enters the list for a transplant and waits for the donor match. These lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, drinking, and maintaining a healthy weight through diet.

Finding the donor: As the patient waits for the donor, the doctors regularly monitor the overall health and may also suggest an artificial device to assist the pumping of the blood. Meanwhile, the patient is on the waitlist for a donor match. During the match, the donors are checked for size, blood type, and type of sickness. A heart transplant should happen within four hours of the removal of the heart from the donor.

During the transplant

A heart transplant is an open-heart surgery that happens under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the chest to reach the heart through the rib cage. The surgeon then replaces the diseased heart with the donor’s heart by sewing it into the place. Then the doctor attaches the blood vessels to the new heart. The patient may sometimes require an electric shock for the new heart to start pumping. During the surgery, the surgeons attach a lung and heart bypass machine that keeps the blood flowing through the body.

After the transplant

The patient stays in ICU for a few days with IV tubes feeding him/her medications and fluids. A ventilator helps in breathing, and various tubes are attached to ensure there are no unnecessary fluids around the lungs and the heart. It may take almost two to three weeks for the initial recovery.

  1. For the first three months, patients require frequent visits with the doctor for follow -ups.
  2. The doctors continuously monitor the patient for signs of rejection of the donor’s heart
  3. Afterward, the doctors suggest medications and exercises that the patient is supposed to follow regularly for the rest of his/her life. These medicines are generally immunosuppressants that reduce the risk of rejection.
  4. To improve the overall health of the patient, the doctors may also suggest rehabilitation programs or support groups.
  5. The patient needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the transplant, and is also expected to quit any smoking or drinking habits he may have.
Risks of heart transplant surgery
  1. Side effects of the medication: Medications suggested by the doctors after surgery may affect other organs like lungs and kidneys.
  2. Cancer: Medications like immunosuppressants increase the risk of cancer.
  3. Infection: The medicines may also reduce the ability of the immune system to fight against infections.
  4. Graft failure: In this case, the donor’s heart fails to function.
  5. Artery problems: The thickening of the artery walls can make blood circulation difficult.
  6. Donor heart rejection: This is the most dangerous risk of heart transplant surgery, where the body rejects the donor’s heart.
Factors affecting the cost of treatment in different states in India

In India, the following factors drive the cost of a heart transplant in the respective cities:

Heart Transplant Cost In Delhi: AIIMS in Delhi is the first hospital in India to perform a heart transplant, and since then, infrastructure for a heart transplant in Delhi has significantly improved.

Heart Transplant Cost In Mumbai: The city of Mumbai has witnessed several successful cases of heart transplant, and many hospitals offer this facility.

Heart Transplant Cost In Kolkata: A variety of customized packages are available in Kolkata for medical tourists who travel to the city for a heart transplant.

Heart Transplant Cost In Bangalore: There are various experienced doctors and world-class facilities that make a heart transplant easy in Bangalore.


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