What Md Minunnur Say About US


I am Mohd Naeem from Bangladesh my son Md Minunnur was having some health issues related to Gastrology, he vomits with traces of blood I was very concerned about his health issues, here in Bangladesh I checked with many child specialists but so sign of improvement. then I get in touch with Mr. Murad country head Hospals in Bangladesh, he assisted me with everything from initial query reply from top Paediatrician in India to Visa Invitation Letter. After arrival in India, Hospals member helps us with everything from hotel stay to Doctor consultation. We met Dr. S.K. Mittal (Paediatrician) at Max Vaishali after thoro investigation he recommended some medication for 3 Months and told everything is under control not to worry, and asked to come back again after 3 months to check the progress.

I am very thankful to Mr. Murad and the entire Hospals Team for such professional work.