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Vm Medical Park Kocaeli Hospital Ovacık, Yeni Yol Sk., 41140 Başiskele/Kocaeli, Turkey, Turkey

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About Hospital

The people of Kocaeli are served by the VM Medical Park Kocaeli Hospital, which combines the 25 years of experience in healthcare of Medical Park, one of the biggest hospital chains in Turkey, with cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment techniques, knowledgeable medical staff, and high service quality.

With its individualised, cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment techniques, VM Medical Park Kocaeli Hospital, which adopts a patient-oriented superior service approach in healthcare, makes a difference in the area. The largest private hospital in Kocaeli, VM Medical Park, has 151 beds, 101 polyclinics, and a closed area of 48 thousand square metres. Thanks to the exceptional service model it provides to its patients, VM Medical Park has quickly become the reference hospital in the area.

The VM Medical Park Kocaeli Hospital offers a significant benefit in terms of transportation due to its location in the Symbol Shopping Congress and Life Center, one of the largest mixed-use developments in Eastern Marmara and Kocaeli. VM Medical Park Kocaeli takes on the leadership of a new school in health with its top-notch service and cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

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