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Dr. Amal Alias Fertility & Gynaecology Center Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

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About Hospital

The Dr. Amal Alias Fertility & Gynecology Center strives to be the top medical facility for advanced assisted reproduction in the GCC and the United Arab Emirates.

By investing in people with the greatest degree of clinical experience, dependable, top-notch equipment, and cutting-edge mastery processes, we aim to become world-class leaders.

We are putting a lot of effort into offering affordable, high-end, exquisite healthcare in the area of fertility medicine.

Another goal of the Dr. Amal Alias Fertility & Gynaecology Center is to establish the United Arab Emirates as a global leader in the provision of high-quality healthcare services for the use of reproductive technologies.

With decades of gynaecological experience in Dubai, Dr. Amal has established herself as a highly accomplished practitioner. People from all over the world continue to be drawn to her because of her compassion, concern for her patients, and dedication to her work. Her keen interest in fertility treatment and firsthand knowledge of the issues experienced locally by couples who are unable to conceive led her to open an opulent, high-end, yet easily accessible fertility centre in the Emirate of Dubai.

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